Full Body IK Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Easily control digital characters within Unreal Engine 4 in an intuitive and easy to use system. Join a team of upcoming big and small Indie Video Game studios and Motion Capture companies in the quest of producing realistic and easy to control behaviors for digital characters.

Features :

Setup rigs within minutes inside Unreal Engine 4
Rig any character morphology
Reuse existing motions to novel scenarios
Real-time control
Easy to setup

Quick Start Tutorial : 0.4a

Locomotion Example

High performant IK Solver with foot placement

Collision with world objects

Smart procedural controllers : Coming Soon !

Procedural Controller Tests : Work in Progress

Please email contact@anomotion.com for pricing details and purchasing early access.
Follow development thread here : https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?3646-Full-Body-IK-Setup
Website : www.anomotion.com
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