474234_10152007655218018_1172343390_o3D Modeling

Some side-projects are showcased here.


474234_10152007655218018_1172343390_oGraduate Teaching Award 2012

Was awarded the graduate teaching assitant award in 2012 for notable contribution and distinguished performance as a teaching assistant.


pressGlobal Game Jam 2012

We, as a team, worked on small game idea for a 48 hour game jam. The goal in the game is to roll the snake/dragon down the hill and earn points. You die if you stop rolling. The game was showcased as chosen by judges from Eastside Games.


Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011

In a team of three we participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup and made it to world wide Round 2. Our game is targeted for Windows Phone and is an environmentally conscious action-strategy game.

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