mountain_scene_SideColumnFull Body IK Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

A real time plugin for real-time retargeting of animation for use in Unreal Engine 4. The plugin allows users to create full-body rigs for arbitrary hierarchies and use them to re-target input animation to produce realtime control over the desired end-effectors.

mountain_scene_SideColumnDigital Image Processing Toolkit

A QT based GUI application is the product of this project which can be used to perform various image processing tasks like blurring, halftoning, color segmentation, color quantization etc.


res18Automatic Generation of Robust Image Pair Correspondences for use in Sparse 3D Reconstruction

For any 3D reconstruction an accurate set of matchingsin a pair of images is required. Various methods suggested produce a large number of incorrect matchings. A study has been performed on the state-of-the-art matching generation algorithms to evaluate them objectively and propose modifications.


quake2Automatic Path Generation for Assisted Navigation in Virtual Environments

3D interfaces are hard to navigate using conventional techniques for new users. Hence using assisted navigation paths learnt from expert motions or from a set of large number of moves can greatly improve a user experience in a Virtual Environment.


BruteForce1Approximate Ambient Occlusion for Dynamic Scenes

This project tries to perform occlusion estimation for dynamic meshes in near real-time.


HumanHead_SideColumnAmbient Aperture Lighting using Precomputed Radiance Transfer

Generation of soft shadows + hard shadows using a combination of global illumination techniques is performed in this project.

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